Massage et Hammam

Massage+Hammam 2 Heures Prix Euro:35

Prix en Dirhams

400 DH / 40 € DH

Start or end your holiday is style with this fantastic traditional method of relaxation. If you only know the bath or shower, you will be pleasantly surprised by this "bath". Sit in a warm, humid room. Buckets are available to sprinkle you with cold or hot water. After a few minutes, your skin will be ready for the first care: black body wrapping (soap made from olive oil). Then a generous layer of ghassoul will wrap you from head to toe for a few minutes. Mixed with water, this fragrant local clay turns into a very soft paste that is pleasant to the body.Suitable for relaxation, the heat relaxes your muscles, regenerates your skin and eliminates your toxins. You take care of your skin through the exfoliating effect of body black wrapping. You will find your skin similar to a baby, pure and bright thanks to all these natural products. Berber Massage The Berber massage takes place in several phases. The first focuses on the feet and legs with a bath of warm water where plants with relaxing medicinal virtues have been infused. A tea or herbal tea with herbs from Morocco accompanies you during this remedial moment. Then comes the time to massage your body in its entirety with fatty oils like argan oil. Different essential oils are added according to the objective sought. The whole is slightly heated before application on the body for more comfort and efficiency. The masseur uses slight pressure for deep work, without disturbing the feeling of relaxation and decompression. The benefits of this technique are many. The argan oil produced locally in Morocco nourishes the skin and protects it from the aggressions of everyday life. Essential oils promote the relaxing effect by their penetration into the skin but also by the perfumes they diffuse.It is a toning palpation necessary for physical recovery. Pressures on the muscles have a draining effect that eliminates muscle fatigue and improves the blood circulation. But the Berber massage is not just for the body. It is also benefic for the mind, our inner soul. The setting, the scents, the luminosity and the music combine for a moment of incomparable relaxation.


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